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Ocean Modules V8 M500 Intervention

This is a third generation ROV from Ocean Modules with the unique concept of 360-degree freedom of motion, a quick and powerful ROV.

V8 M500 is based on 8 thrusters with a highly advanced control system which allows much better maneuvering qualities compared to a traditional ROV.

Auto-hold pitch and roll makes it possible to hold the wanted angle and position indefinitely. The control system, camera, sonar signal etc., transmits with high speed Ethernet data communication.

With a possible depth of 500m, the V8 500 is an ideal choice for many types of jobs in which maneuvering qualities are desirable.

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Ocean Modules V8 L3000 Offshore

With the V8 L3000 platform, Ocean Modules has taken the unique 360-degree control system to the next level. In addition to having the same maneuvering qualities as the V8 M500, it opens up more possibilities. With more power, a bigger frame, and a possible depth of 3000m, gives the option of more equipment and tools. The size also increases the payload from 10kg to 30kg. In addition, both platforms can be equipped with a skid for heavier tools and sensors. Due to its 360-degree freedom of motion, a one function manipulator can often replace a four or five function manipulator.

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Spot.On is a patented data logging system developed by Ocean Modules. The system makes it possible for the user to save video, sonar and position data in real time. All types of data can be added to Spot.On, but the most common is video, sonar, and position data. All the data is connected and is tracked on a map, drawing, or photo. All pieces of the saved data are playable by clicking anywhere along the tracking. By clicking on “attention point”, you save the text, picture, position, sonar-image, date, time, as well as adding a mark along the tracking. Spot.On automatically generates a report containing all saved data which can be delivered to the customer on paper or visually through Spot.On Viewer. This makes it possible for the report to be delivered to the customer directly after an inspection.

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One of the biggest challenges is controlling the ROV position. There are different systems available to solve this. The most common one is a USBL system. There are multiple systems to choose from depending on the desired depth, from shallow waters to deep oceans.

Many of Ocean Modules ROVs are provided with Scout USBL.
The system is user-friendly and can be utilized down to approximately 1000m depth.

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Several different types of winches are available for ROV systems. The best choice depends on the operation. The smallest winch can handle a 400m ROV cable (ROV umbilicals and tether), and will fit in the back of a van along with the V8 M500 ROV. While the most complete winch is equipped with tension control, which ensures that the ROV cable always stays taut and steadily reels in and out. With the use of tension, the ROV pilot can have full control over the winch using a foot pedal.

When operating at greater depths, we recommend using the lifting system LARS (Launch and Recovery Systems) and TMS (Tether Management System) with a ROV garage. TMS is equipped with thrusters for better control during the operation.
Ocean SAR can deliver both LARS and TMS to both ROV systems.